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Frequently Asked Questions


This race is an out and back with an 18K and 30K option. You can see the elevation profile below. The 30K runners do a loop that the 18K runners do not do. The 18K runners get to the Brainard Lake aid station, turn around, and run back to the start/finish. For a more detailed overview of the course, check out this GAIA map that you can also export as a .GPX file. 30K Runners, please add this map to whatever app you use and have it available during the race. We do our best to mark the turns for the lollipop but it is recommended, if you are unsure, you have a map to check. 

Trail Marking

The initial section out to Brainard Lake Rd will be marked with orange tape. You can also follow the blue diamonds nailed into the trees. The additional section/loop the 30K runners do across the road will be marked with pink tape. There is no rhyme or reason to this other than this is what I have left over from previous years so we are trying to use it up. 30K runners, when you get to the loop, there will also be pin flags in the ground. They will also be pink. We work to mark this well to avoid confusion. As stated earlier, a map is also a good idea.

Can I see the race results?

Coming soon!

Aid Station

There is an aid station at the 18K turn around point. We will have hot and sweetened black tea and granola bars. This is a lower waste event, so we expect everyone to have a cup with them. Please check in at the aid station so that we can make sure everyone is accounted for. 30K runners you must check in twice, outbound and inbound.

How is this event free?

I inherited this race as a donation-based event and have chosen to keep it that way. Suggested donation is $35. You can donate here. You can also find me on Venmo @Elle-Spacek or bring cash the morning of.

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