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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the course look like?

The full course is an 18 mile out and back lollipop with 2,800 feet of gain. You can see the elevation profile below. For a more detailed overview of the course, check out this GAIA map that you can also export as a .GPX file.

Are there any after race festivities?

I bring beers to the finish line and sometimes people hang around to grill- if it's not too cold and windy. It’s fun when people stay to watch people finish but I understand if you want to show up, race, and then get home to a warm shower!

Can I see the race results?

Coming soon!

Will there be any aid stations?

Yes, there is an aid station at the 18K turn around point. We will have hot and sweetened black tea and granola bars (there are a few gluten free ones as well). This is a lower waste event, so we expect everyone to have a cup with them. Please check in at the aid station so that we can make sure everyone is accounted for. 30K runners you must check in twice, outbound and inbound.

How is this event free?

I inherited this race as a donation-based event and have chosen to keep it that way. Donations help cover the annual cost to put the race on so I at least don’t lose money doing it. I am highly aware that these past years have been really hard on people economically so I want the runners to know that if they are not in a space in their life where they can afford to race, they can still come here and have fun in the snow! You can donate here.

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